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From: "Simon Bishop"
Date: 2002-12-20 10:12:33 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] RE: Adrenal Disease
To: <>
Message-ID: <002a01c2a810$6c8517c0$>

I have been following the write-ups on adrenal problems on the FHL and find
it amazing the amount of ferrets in the US that get it so early. Here in the
UK it is very low and out of all my friends and customers I only know of
one, and that was a 6 year old hob. I have lost a hob, Bear, to
cardiomyopathy but the worst problems I have experienced with 16 ferrets are
abcesses, especially in my albinos . Do you think that there is an
underlying problem such as inter-breeding, diet or something like that.On
the loss of hair around the tail, in the US it is instantly diagnosed as
adrenal gland problems, no matter what the age of the ferret whereas here in
the UK we would look to other things first, such as seasonal alopecia, mange
or tick bite reaction, first.
I have e.mailed Chris LLoyd at the Wessex Ferret Club and we are both going
to ask more questions of our friends just to see if adrenal problems are
more prevalent than we know. I know that in the US there are more ferret
owners(and therefore more ferrets) than here in the UK and that might
explain why it seems so high. Also, how do you introduce new blood lines
into the US stock? Could that help the health in your ferret population?
Sorry for so many questions but that's how we get answers.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
God Bless, Simon and Family.