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From: Ferret Wise Shelter
Date: 2002-12-20 21:48:53 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Hershey is very sick
Message-Id: <8066915.1040434152579.JavaMail.nobody@strontium>

I can send down some Renafood ( suppliment to encourage healthy renal
function) a tablet you would crush and add into gruel- soft food-- all my
elders get it in their soup! added insurance! ;) --

the little kidney kid that placed 2nd in NY specialty several years ago
was on gruel only for the last year of her life-- she looked great but of
course I was hand feeding and sub q-ing on a regular basis-- You will at
some point need to make a "quality" of life decision-- and I support you --
I hate these and have had to make too many all ready!



At 04:16 PM 12/20/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Hershey has gotten very sick over the last week. He is 7 and has had ADV for
>3 years, and so I am used to him having good and bad days. But, when he
>didn't pull out of his slump, I knew we needed to see the vet. He is
>apparently starting into kidney failure, and I was wondering if anyone had
>any suggestions.

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