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Date: 2002-07-13 02:54:10 UTC
Subject: Chocolate Moose update
Message-ID: <24634122.1026528850866.JavaMail.root@scandium>

Hi, everybody.

Chocolate Moose is feeling so much better now that he gets very upset and urinates whenever I give him his medicine, even if he gets Ferretone right before and right after taking it. I guess he figures he doesn't need to take it any more. I'm assuming there's not much I can do about this? It's only me here -- I can't have someone else help hang onto him so I just scruff him and try to talk nice to him (yeah, right, Mom) and make sure to get the medicine inside his little cheek pouch.

His stools looked a lot better after being on antibiotics and Kaopectate, but he didn't have much energy until a week later when I added prednisolone. I'm assuming he has to be on all this medicine for at least 3-4 weeks?

Thank you.

Linda and Chocolate Moose (who is gaining back some weight and now jumps on his brother, Zipper, handily just like he did in the old days)