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Date: 2002-12-23 23:11:03 UTC
Subject: Re: AV Heart Block and Iso
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I'm to take my AV heart kid in tomorrow for an ekg and they have to put him
under to do it. Last time he went under ( about a week ago for two ekg's the
same day) he was really bad the rest of the night. Limp, pretty lifeless.
Slept on his side with his legs out in front of him where he usually sleeps
in a little ball. I am so worried about having this done tomorrow. The
Dr.said it's to see if the meds are helping him. He's been on enalapril and
aminpphylline for a week now. I asked if going under would be bad for him and
the Dr. said, "Well, he's pretty much a walking time bomb with his heart and
I don't see any other way to do it." The way he said it really bothered me
too. Pretty harsh I thought. Maybe it's just me. Do you ever have Sevie go
under for any amount of time for anything? Do you think I should do this? My
little guy seems to be doing really well right now. Gets up for longer
periods than he used to and is bouncy and happy.
I hope I hear from you tonight. We go in the am.
As always Sukie, thanks a million.
Tiffany and Oscar

PS So glad to hear that your Dad is doing well.