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Date: 2002-12-24 03:44:38 UTC
Subject: RE: sick ferret's bloodwork
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> Dear KC:
> There are two assumptions here that are not necessarily correct. Ferrets don't spike glucose like cats in times of stress - that level suggest the possibility of incipient diabetes here. The ALT is indeed high, but I look at bilirubin as the true indicator of liver disease, as many other conditions that result in fat mobilization can do this. Liver cancer is not a common cause of this finding and is actually relatively uncommon in ferrets. Let's not jump to that conclusion just yet.
> My suggestion is to repeat the bloodwork in a week and let's see where those values are at this point.
> Very itchy? Is there any other sign of adrenal disease?
> With kindest regards,
> Bruce Williams, DVM

Dear Dr Williams,
Thank you so much for your reply.
To answer you question, the only hairlose I see is some on her lower abdonmen. I there is no swelling of the vulva or any behavior changes except for lethagic.
I do have another question. The vet gave her a injection of an anti-inflamatory steriod (for a mild wheezing) five days before the blood work was done. The receipt says it was methylpred 40mg 20ml. The vet said the steriod should last for ten days. Could this of had any effect on the ALT?

Thaks again,