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Date: 2002-07-13 23:34:41 UTC
Subject: Post Op Ferret w/ hacking noises in chest/throat
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Has anyone seen this problem post-op?
We just got back from Maryland where Baldie had splenectomy, liver lobectomy and some biopsies done.
Overall she is more lethargic than her older cagemate who also had surgery.
Baldie's surgery was more complicated and I expected her to be more lethargic, but I am concerned about the I am hearing mucus noise I hear when she breathes while in a "sitting up"/"L" position.
It is as if fluid is stuck in her lungs. I have called the vet in MD who is closed until Monday AM. I left a message and am willing to go to an emergency vet if necessary. I just don't know if this is something that may happen post-op and I am over reacting. We are 5 hours away so I am a bit nervous about calling anyone in the area. The vets here aren't that great :(

thanks for any advice or thoughts you have.