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Date: 2002-07-15 17:33:57 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] wild mink and ADV (NE US)?
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Author wrote:
> You apparently read the same information that I did. However, it was not
> a comment by a vet. It was written by, I believe, a researcher. I contacted
> Danee, who authored the brochure I saw with this information. She, in
> turn, contacted the original author, who confirmed that the raccoon information
> is correct. Perhaps
> Danee can clarify.

The Information I gave Katherine was in a paper by Dr. Bloom of NIH and Dr. Stevenson who was, at that time, at the U of GA. Dr. Bloom is a medical doctor (people doctor) and virologist at the NIH Rocky Mountain Lab. in Montana. Dr. Bloom has spent the last 10 or 15 years studying ADV, primarily in mink. Dr. Stevenson is both a vet and a virologist, who did post doctoral work at the RML under Dr. Bloom.
In her talk at the Symposium in Feb., Dr. Stevenson did touch on ADV in the wild mink population. I believe she and Dr. Bloom may be working on a paper on that subject, so I will not elaborate on what she said. Apparently, posting information on a public forum like this before it has been formally published in a professional journal can be detrimental to getting it published, and so she asked us not to post details of her talk.
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