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Date: 2002-07-16 14:47:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Biopsy Result - Please translate for me- Greek to me
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Dear Lisa:

No, the popliteal lymph node is a good choice. Abdominal lymph nodes are often very reactive, and may cloud the issue. There is a disconnect here between the pathologists description (in which they do not mention anything which would lead one to the conclusion of lymphoma, and their assessment that early lymphoma is likely). Based on the report, and your comments about skin problems, I tend to favor the former. However, without seeing the slide, it is truly difficult to a good assessment of the report in this case.

While enlargement of multiple nodes is worrisome, you did choose an enlarged one for the biopsy, and it did not appear neoplastic.

In this case, I'd keep a close eye, but for right now, lymphoma is not something to lose sleep over.

With kindest regards,

Bruce Williams, DVM

Author wrote:
> Microscopic Description: Right popliteal lymph node: The lymph node parenchyma
> is hypercellular and characterized by increased numbers of medium size
> to small type lymphocytes arranged in irregular lymphoid follicles. There
> is mild nuclear atypia and scattered mitotic figures. Some histiocytes
> and occasional plasma cells are seen in the medullary sinuses.
> Diagnosis: Right popliteal lymph node: Reactive lymphiod hyperplasia with
> lymphoid cell proliferation with mild nuclear atypia.
> Comment: Although the above findings could be associated with a severe reactive
> process, because of the increase in the numbers of medium sized lymphocytes
> with mild atypia, an early lymphosarcoma is also likely. If there is clinical
> evidence of dermatitis, these findings could be associated with a reactive
> process, but it there is no evidence of dermatitis, and early lymphosarcoma
> is likely. These tumors are often multicentric. (Case review by two pathologists)
> My comments - Pam the ferret, had adrenal surgery May 31st 2002. She was
> hairless for sometime with itchy scaley skin. The surgery has not improved
> her hair or skin, (although she is getting some hair on her tail and in
> a few small patches.) Her skin can be raw at times. I have tried bathing
> her in oatmeal baths. Do you think this could be skin related? Approx.
> 2 & 1/2 weeks after the adrenal surgery the lymphodes popped up, all in
> the lower region of her body. The lymphnodes in her abdomen are much larger
> in size. Do you think the small, but enlarged popliteal lymph node was
> a poor choice for a biopsy - making the finding difficult to diagnose?
> Thank you for your time ~ Lisa