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Date: 2002-07-16 20:27:53 UTC
Subject: RE: wild mink and ADV (NE US)?
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I just read this one at Pub Med :

: Vopr Virusol 1999 Jan-Feb;44(1):32-5

>[Effect of mutilus hydrolysate in Aleutian disease of minks]

Authors of the original article in Russian are:
Uzenbaeva LB, Iliukha VA, Tiutiunnik NN, Meldo KhI, Unzhakov AR.

>Addition of mutilus hydrolysate MIGI-K to rations of minks with virus
>plasmacytosis involving grave immunological disorders...

>Normalization of the protein spectrum of minks with Aleutian disease
>apparently inhibits the development of disorders caused by

Has this been tried for ferrets? Mechanism or possible mechanism? If it hasn't been tried might it make sense to try?

I had no idea that parvo viruses of various types exist in such a huge range of animals (even insects by the looks of my skimming though I have to read more carefully to know for sure), and it turns out that the variablility of ADV alone is just absolutely shocking. Knew it mutated readily but it's startling.