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Date: 2002-07-16 17:21:59 UTC
Subject: reputable, healthy breeder
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Hi all, I haven't posted in a long while. I had 2 ferrets, Salem (my baby a=
nd first ferret) a 4-1/2 y.o. tiny MF silver mitt and Boris a 5 y.o. gigant=
ic multi colored (primairly white, silver and yellow) bulldog ferret from a=
private breeder. Unfortunately my little Salem died last Monday. It was ra=
ther unexpected, resulting from gastric ulcers, I believe. I had her on the=
meds (carafate/amox), and was feeding her AD, but her little body just cou=
lnd't take it. I know the vet (VERY reputable) did everything she could. Th=
at isn't the reason for my writing, though. While Boris isn't showing depre=
ssion too much (he is eating and drinking), I am afraid he will become lonl=
ey. I DO NOT want another ferret unless I have to get one for Boris. I LOVE=
them dearly, but doubt my heart could take what I just went through again.=
Luckly Boris is as healthy as an ox, and I have little doubt he will remai=
n so. If he does become depressed, however, I will get another (an dlove it=
unconditionally). In the meantime, he can go across the street to play wit=
h my neighbors 3 little weezils when we get a chance. I will not buy anothe=
r MF or one from a commercial breeder again and I lost touch with Boris's b=
reeder a couple years ago. Could any of you email me with names/phone numbe=
rs of breeders you have experiance with? I would love to get in touch with =
a breeder of Scottish ferrets as well. I am in SE Michigan (Ferndale). I kn=
ow this isn't a straight forward health question, but Boris's happiness cou=
ld depend on it.
Any words of advice would be welcome as well.

Thanks a lot,
Michelle w/
Salem & Boris
(plus Lux the dog and Zoi the cat, who miss Salem greatly)