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From: Trish Black
Date: 2002-07-18 13:20:41 UTC
Subject: giving pill to ferret
To: FHL <>
Message-ID: <>

Hi Sarah. I've been giving my ferret her pills with a pill gun. It looks like a syringe that has a prong to hold the pill at the end. First you draw some water into it, then load the pill. It's a two man job for us - one scruffs her and holds her still while the other gets her mouth open. When you push the plunger be sure to have it so the pill will go as far back in the mouth as possible and water follows to help with swallowing. Then we have to hold her mouth shut and rub her throat or she'll spit it out. Then I give her some baby food or ferretvite to help her get it down & as a reward.

You can buy a pill gun at a pet store. They have different sizes and I went with the smallest one. Good luck!

Update on Merry's Lymphoma treatment: Merry is doing well and is seeing an oncologist for her chemo. She has her 2nd chemo treatment on Friday. She has responded well so far, with no bad reactions. We have to give her 1/2 Prednisone pill daily for now and 1/4 Cytoxin pill every 5 days. It hasn't been easy but we're getting better with the pill gun. Merry's attitude has improved. She's more social and is playing a little more with us now. We're all hoping this will give her another quality year or two of happy ferret life.

Dooks, Trish ~ Merry, Pippin & Zira

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