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From: "Gail Burlaka"
Date: 2002-07-18 15:56:14 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] barely alive @ petstore -- could he live??? :(
To: <>
Message-ID: <000801c22e73$a6580be0$50dbd73f@pavilion>

For all these tiny babies who receive no care and words such as "all he
needs are vitamins", etc., please go to the American Ferret Association
website at <a href=""></a> and read our message about what we are trying to
accomplish with the USDA making rules NOT to allow the shipment of baby
ferrets until they are at least 450 grams and have their FULL ADULT
DENTITION at 8 weeks. If everyone would help when the USDA gives us the
high sign to start writing letters, we hope to be able to break the 39,000
letter record. We have all seen these pitiful sights and they are simply
"replaced" by the ferret mills if they die! The USDA is curently in the end
of their rulemaking process and the AMOUNT OF PUBLIC OUTCRY AND
national concern and the AFA will post a form letter for those who are
interested but have not witnessed such catastrophies. When the proper time
is at hand, we will have the address and time limit for letters to go to
finally straighten this tragic loss out. Please check back frequently to
the website for further information. Thank you for all the future baby
ferrets that will not have to go through this. Gail Suzanne Burlaka,
Member-at-Large, American Ferret Association.