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Date: 2002-07-18 21:38:11 UTC
Subject: RE: Ferret with scabs over 90% of his body
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Poor little guy. This sounds likes distemper. Is the vet ferret savvy? I've heard about and seen this yellowish and rust colored crusty stuff around the mouth and eyes of a fert. A titer test should be done to rule out distemper. A titer tests for antibodies against distemper in the bloodstream. If the vet isn't ferret savvy, can your friend take the little one to Boston, (since Portsmouth about an hours drive), to the Angel Memorial Animal Hospital in Jamaica Plain? This doesn't sound good...... He requires other medical attention ASAP!!!! I wish your friend the best

Author wrote:
> A friend of mine called me yesterday and she is very worried about one her
> ferrets, Elwood. He has scabs all over his body and is crusty around the
> mouth. He also has swollen toe pads and she said they look a bit red. He
> also has a reddish nose. She took him to a vet in Portsmouth, NH (sorry,
> I don't remember who)and he really doesn't know what it is and guessed
> lymphoscama(sp)and put him on predisone. This is what she told me. To me
> is almost sounds like an allegy? Could anyone help us out?
> Ferretlady Deb
> The Ferret Wrecking Crew
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