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Date: 2002-07-19 16:42:24 UTC
Subject: sugar's lump
Message-ID: <8649641.1027096944141.JavaMail.root@scandium>

it is a hematoma with an infection! at least that is what dr. XXXX
thinks it is but if it isn't gone next month she wants me to bring sugar
back and then she will think about skin cancer! she said it is in the skin
but not attached to anything! but at the same time while she was checking
it out she said it is very tender! sugar didn't try and run so it isn't
painful just a little tender ; she jumped during the check-up. dr. XXXX
gave sugar some amoxicillian and checked her electrolytes and glucose level=
both where fine! sugars glucose level today is 120. twice the level for
insuloma ; does that mean the pediapred is working for her! i already knew
that because she hasn't had a major siezure like the first one. her level
still drops once in a while but i try and watch out for the signs and give
her a drop or 2 of honey. sugar lost her sight when she had the first one!
as far as rat tail goes dr. XXXX said there isn't anything to be done
about it! my questions now are what is the normal glucose levels for insulo=
and what is to low? and is there anything i can do to make my little girl
look normal again really