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Date: 2002-07-19 16:43:23 UTC
Subject: RE: Ferret with scabs over 90% of his body
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My ferret Kayla also has this scab problem. Although, I wouldn't say it covers 90% of her body. We noticed it pretty early on and took her to the vet. He took samples of the scabs and everything checked out ok. So he said it was probably a skin bacteria and gave us some medicated shampoo. Said to give her a bath twice a week with the shampoo, leaving it on her for 10 min. before rinsing. We did this for about 2 months but the sores kept coming back. Just this week we took her back and he said it seems to be an allergy then. She is now on Predisone pills, half a pill every other day. That's why I'm having troubles getting her to swallow the pill. If the ferret has had his distemper shot, then you might want to consider it being an allergy. Get a second vets opinion.