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Date: 2002-07-19 21:52:11 UTC
Subject: RE: Ferret with scabs over 90% of his body
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Interesting, can ferrets be staphcarriers who have it infect excema sores? I haven't heard of either with ferrets but those cna happne with people.

For the Pred try giving it crushed in baby food, a/d, Bob's gravy, Ferretone, or something similar. Not only odes this approach provide the pills in a hidden treat form, but also it provides a bit of a buffer for her stomach which is important with Prednisone.

Hope this helps.

Author wrote:
> My ferret Kayla also has this scab problem. Although, I wouldn't say it
> covers 90% of her body. We noticed it pretty early on and took her to
> the vet. He took samples of the scabs and everything checked out ok.
> So he said it was probably a skin bacteria and gave us some
>medicated shampoo...
>Just this week we took her back and he said it seems
> to be an allergy then. She is now on Predisone pills