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Date: 2002-07-19 19:21:58 UTC
Subject: Inflamed throat/ tonsils??
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I ended up taking my 4.5 year old ferret to the vet. She started pawing at her throat around 2am last night. She quit the pawing after 20-30 min. and I thought she was fine. But she started doing it again this afternoon, especially after she drank some water. I ran her to the vet and she look in her mouth and said her thoat looked inflamed and felt swollen. Petunia also has a small skin tumor that needs to come off, so while she is sedated the vet is going to use a scope and get a good look down her throat. She shows no symtoms of anything else is wrong. I have looked all over the web, and I can find nothing to suggest what is could be. What comes to mind is that she is having tonsil problems, but do ferrets have tonsils? I would appreciate any input from anyone.

Kelly and Petunia

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