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Date: 2002-07-20 01:47:08 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Food Question
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Ok, here's the decision. Since we do travel, there's the off chance that 'our' brand won't be available if we go out of town/state on one of our trips.

We've decided on a mixture of 8 in 1 Plus Ultimate, Zupreem. Should we include a high quality kitten food in there just in case we go to a city/state that doesn't have a large number of ferrets? I've been in a few where people give me the response of 'Parrot?' me: 'No, /ferret/' 'Oh.. what's that?'.

Any suggestions?
Author wrote:
> Hi, Amanda, and everyone else,
> > I know lots of ferret owners that feed a mixture of
> > different high quality kitten foods. I was under the impression that
> > quality brands were as good as quality ferret foods, am I wrong?
> Our vet, who has been treating ferts for at least two decades (longer, I
> think) claims that today's high quality ferret foods are specially
> formulated for a ferret's nutritional needs, and therefore better than
> kitten food, no matter how good. Good kitten food is, of course, better
> than poor ferret food.
> When we switched to Totally Ferret over four years ago, it was done
> after consulting with our vet.
> All the best,
> Caity and the naughty nine