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Date: 2002-07-20 03:19:58 UTC
Subject: RE: Ferret with scabs over 90% of his body
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Author wrote:
> I tried crushing it into peanut butter, which is her favorite treat. But
> she must have noticed that it tasted different with the medicine in it
> because after one taste, she turned away. Any other suggestions?

Because there is also insulinoma, if i remember right, Nutrical is out for this one for now, but certainly the Ferretone, and many flavors of those foods mentioned in my post below will help. If you eat a strongly flavored meat like chicken livers at some point that may also work. Stage 2 all meat baby foods come in about a half dozen meat types so there are sure to be some that will accepted after you make the little one try a bunch of them (due to the way they at first reject foods). If you are in one of the non- U.S. countries that doesn't have all-meat baby foods you will have to make your own to try. Making sure that food is taken with Pred also protects the stomach. Heck, we even had one years ago for whom we mashed pills and then gave them in crushed sardine! Hey, it worked and I had a great excuse to have sardines which I love...

> > For the Pred try giving it crushed in baby food, a/d, Bob's gravy,
> Ferretone,
> > or something similar.