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Date: 2002-07-01 23:40:20 UTC
Subject: Joined

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<div><font face="Papyrus"><b>Last week, I posted the following on the
Yahoo Groups FHL.&nbsp; Unfortunately, it received no replies.&nbsp; I
am reposting it here, hoping someone can answer at least some of my
questions.<font color="#8000FF"><br>
</font></b></font><font face="Arial" size="-1" color="#000080">--- In
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&gt; I am sorry for your loss of Mosby. The mily change to the serum
&gt; triglyceridemia, evidence that the body is mobilizing fat stores
&gt; try to convert them into glucose.<br>
Dr. Williams, thank you so much for clarifying some points on
problem. I plan on sharing you thoughts with my vet. I think that<br>
he and I were so intent on the fact that Mosby had a history of<br>
Insulinoma, and of tests with low blood glucose, that we did not
the reading Monday as seriously as we should have. While we knew<br>
something was going on, my vet was afraid to give insulin without<br>
additional monitoring, for fear the Monday test was a fluke.<br>
Now, I have a few more questions for anyone that knows the
1)Is the diabetes actually caused by the pred? Or is it a further<br>
malfunction of the pancreas. Do we know why this happens?<br>
2)Could the fever have been related to the diabetic condition, or
it likely to be something else?&nbsp; If he had an infection, could it
have been brewing for a while, and the symptoms have been hidden by
the pred?<br>
3) Would having a pathologist look at the pancreas provide us with<br>
additional information that might help us make better decisions in<br>
the future? Currently, I have all the organs that were removed at
home in specimen bottles. I do not want to pay for pathology work<br>
that will not add additional useful information, but if there is<br>
something that we can learn, I will have my vet submit the samples
his lab.<br>
4) If pathology work would be advised, are there any other organs<br>
that should be looked at? I have most of them, except the heart.&nbsp;
My vet thought the intestine was the most likely source of the
infection, and so I also have sections of it.<br>
While I miss Mo a lot, I am not uncomfortable with the decision I<br>
made. He was very sick, and acted like he was in pain at the end.
also know that managing a diabetic ferret is not easy, and, even
we had pulled him through the crisis, his chances would not have
good. Even the vet who performed the necropsy felt there was
hope of pulling Mo through, given his condition.<br>