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Date: 2002-07-20 11:57:52 UTC
Subject: lymphosarcoma
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I have a question and hope someone can help. I had my first ferret in 1985. When she was around 8 1/2 to 9 she was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma. It was like from nowhere she developed lumps beginning in her groin. She had no medical history until this point. She lived for about a year perfectly I must say until one night I knew I needed to help her cross over. I began having problems with my lymph nodes being enlarged, they removed one under my arm for biopsy ( all was fine) but in reading about this in a book I recently bought on ferrets it says that some experts believe this is related to a virus. I was told that I have some ype of virus that is enlarging my nodes to this day they still are but I dont worry about it anymore. Now I wonder could I have given a virus that caused my baby to get lymphosarcoma or could she have given something to me. I have 3 now and am concerned could I give them a virus and lose them?

Thank You for any help Chrissy AJ, Snowball and Pupper