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From: "staufferp"
Date: 2002-07-21 10:35:45 UTC
Subject: weird rashes
To: <>
Message-ID: <003401c230a2$69705580$43ccd63f@default>

I have an albino ferret who is now four yrs. old. When she was about si=
x months old she had a few scabs between her toes. I thought being albino s=
he might have sensitive skin and was allergic to something in the litter. I=
tried other litters, but it got no better or worse and then it just went a=
way. =

Last year pring/summer it came back, and seemed to spread. It was ver=
y scabby and was in the folds of her ears, between her toes and above her n=
ose. If you scraped it off, it was very oily she also had rat tail with the=
blackheads. Her two cagemates which are also her daughters were fine. She =
had a skin scrape done which came up negative, she was tested for ear mites=
which was negative. Baytril was prescribed on the chance that it was some =
type of infection. It did not help. We tried all kinds of topicals to no a=
I was talking to a friend of mine about this and she told me that she =
had a ferret with something similar on her feet one time and her vet suspec=
ted mange, but a skin scraping was negative. After trying several things =
with no luck, the vet suggested a lime/sulpher dip. We decided to give it a=
try......Let me tell stupid of me not to make the connection..=
.... sulpher.....rotten eggs...
I have an adversion to eggs, the sight or smell of them makes me nauseous s=
o this was a real chore. I don't even think a clothespin would have helped.=

I dipped her in a diluted solution once and then again in two weeks. It cle=
ared up and this summer did not come back.

Pat Stauffer
Pat Stauffer