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From: Zazzue
Date: 2002-07-23 00:41:17 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] RE: behavior question
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While it is true that they are supposed to be spayed. I have a hard
time believing that she doesn't have a remnant in her. The reason is
she is about 8 years old and has gone in and out of "heat" about once
a year. This whole past fall and winter, her vulva was normal. She
seems to fall into the seasonal changes. She hasn't lost any hair,
and she isn't overly itchy. She seems to loose about 2 ounces when in
heat, but gains it back during the fall and winter time. This has
been going on for that last 6 or 7 years. The only symptom is the
swollen vulva. Would putting her on Melatonin be beneficial?


> Marshall Farms ferrets are spayed; they don't go into heat. Do you mean that she has adrenal disease which causes similar signs to heat like a swollen vulva and fur loss? Certainly, excessive
> grooming of a person can be a sign of adrenal disease, and that sounds like it could be what you are seeing.

> I don't understand your comment about coming out of heat since she is an MF.

> How old is she? Age is not anywhere near as much a factor in how well a ferret does with surgery as health is.

> If a ferret has adrenal neoplasia but is not well enough to have adrenal surgery then there are two options: Lupron, and (less good but better than nothing) Melatonin.

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