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Date: 2002-07-01 23:40:20 UTC
Subject: Questions about Mosby

Smartgroups has very small type in some places and very low contrast problems.

The small font problem can be gotten around using browser features to enlarge print.

The low contrast is harder; I've written to Smartgroups help people so that they can think about tackling this. Those who don't have 20-20 sharp vision may not realize that at the bottom at things written in pale blue against a white background. Take my word for it; they are there, and they might show up for you if you pop up the view part of your browser options high enough. On this particular page they say " Home, Help, Find Group, Create Group, Feedback, Terms, About, and Advertise". I have to look around now that I have a larger view and see what else may be on other pages.

There turns out to be a blue-on-blue change that happens when you use the pop-up at "Messages", but I can't see it and suspect I'm not alone since a number of folks here are over 50. If you instead click once on "messages" it will pull up a different sidebar that will show the options clearly so that you can then select to read by date, or by thread, or can post.

Knowing these things helped me and should help others. I know how hard it is to figure these things out when the instructions themselves or the help addies are too small or too low contrast to see except as a blur.

Oh, if you try to write a message and it gets stuck thinking that your password doesn't work hit "Log-in" BEFORE trying to post. That worked for me.