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Date: 2002-07-23 17:16:54 UTC
Subject: Other reasons for gritting teeth
Message-ID: <2830207.1027444614418.JavaMail.root@scandium>

I took my ferret into the vet because he stopped eating. Of course the night before the vet visit, he started eating again on his own. However, he grits his teeth when he eats. Not after he's done eating, but as he is actually eating the food. We have tried to treat for ulcers, giving antibiotics and carafate, and tagament, plus he gave him a prednisone shot. We did a blood test, and everything came out normal, nothing to be concerned about. He had the fecal test done, no parasites or problems found. His stools are yellowish and birdseedy, although now that he is eating solid food again, they are well formed. This problem has been on and off for months.

Next the vet wants to clean the ferret's teeth since they are pretty bad looking and may be causing him pain. That will be done on Thursday.

Could there be other reasons he is gritting his teeth? Or perhaps if the teeth cleaning doesn't do the job should we move into strong antibiotics in case it is still heliobactor or ulcers causing the problem. He has him on sulfatrim now.

Has anyone dealt with this before? Any ideas?