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Date: 2002-07-24 01:57:37 UTC
Subject: RE: baby food
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Dear Sarah:

Chicken or turkey baby food is very good for ill or geriatric animals that are off their regular diet, but really, the dry kibble that you are feeding now is a far better option of r healthy animals. If your young guys are happy with what they are eating, and there is no pressing health reason for supplemental nutrition, I would not recommend making any changes. There will very liely come a day in all of their lives when baby food will be appropriate, but not now.

With kindest regards,

Bruce Williams, DVM (baby food advocate)

Author wrote:
> I've seen mentioned on here of feeding ferrets certain Gerber baby foods.
> I was wondering which ones would be the best to feed to them. Also, how
> many times a day and how much should I feed them this? I have 3 ferrets
> which we leave 2 bowls of dry food in their cage at all times.