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Date: 2002-07-24 10:42:39 UTC
Subject: RE: baby food
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I am hand feeding one of mine right now, and I make it a point about once a week to grab each of the others & make them have a little bit of the mixture I use. Saves having to go through that drama if one of them gets sick and MUST be on soft food. My mixture consists of 2 scoops of their dry food, 1 jar each of turkey & chicken baby foods, 1 can of A/D food and water to cover the whole mixture. Blend & refrigerate, then warm (not hot) before serving.

Author wrote:
> I've seen mentioned on here of feeding ferrets certain Gerber baby foods.
> I was wondering which ones would be the best to feed to them. Also, how
> many times a day and how much should I feed them this? I have 3 ferrets
> which we leave 2 bowls of dry food in their cage at all times. Should
> the baby food replace this dry food, or just be used as a treat? 2 of my
> ferrets are about a year old while the other one is maybe 5 months. They
> have all been on the dry food since they were born, so would they take
> to the baby food easily or are they too set on their dry food?
> Thanks,
> Sarah