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Date: 2002-07-25 02:15:02 UTC
Subject: RE: questions
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Dear Jimmy:

Author wrote:
> Hello everyone...# 1; ferret poops are really small. he eats alot and is
> active. he does not seem to stress when he goes. no hardness in his belly
> area or soreness. He does not seem like he does not enjoy his food or does
> not get sick.. should I have him checked out for something specific ??

this can be a tough one. Small poops may be seen when there is a partial blockage, but food is still moving through. With him alert, eating well and active, this is something that I would just put in the back of my head, but keep a good eye on him anywhat.

> #2; female ferret 4-5 yrs old. has an enlarged Vulva ( going to vet) most
> likely adrenal. noticed that my males are going after her ears.

Very likely to be adrenal. Intact females do have a pronounced body odor that may not be very obvious to us non-ferrets, but other ferrets pick up on it. The ears are a site of a lot of scent glands, and these glands are probably highly active at this point.

With kindest regards,

Bruce Williams, dVM