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Date: 2002-07-25 02:18:01 UTC
Subject: Hello Im new to the group!!
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Hello and dooks to everyone!

My name is Jennifer and I have 4 beautiful ferret girls. I have had ferrets as companions since 1994. I just love them! I live in northern NH, just inside the White Mountain Range. Alright now for my fuzzies:

Trouble: First ferret, born in the fall of 1994. She is a siamese and lives up to her name even at the ripe old age of 8!

Terra: My birthday ferret! I got her on July 13, 1995. She is a butterscotch sable.

Mocha: Dark, chocolate sable girlie. She is about 7 now.

Sabrina: The Teenage Witch Ferret, 4 years old now! She is a dark sable. A beautiful, furry terrorist and my bestest friend!!

Okay I do have a question for the group! My 8 year old Trouble is showing signs of andrenal cancer. Do you guys think she is too old for the surgery?? Also all my others have had the disease and had the surgery to remove the left gland. Sabrina is fine * knocks on wood *, but the other two are showing signs of recurrence. Mocha is just about completely bald now. She barely survived the first surgery so I am hesitant to put her through it again. However I did not know about the Lupron!! I need to ask my vet about this as a viable option for her. So any suggestions on what to do??