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From: Trish Black
Date: 2002-07-26 12:56:39 UTC
Subject: Update on Merry's Lymphoma treatment
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I am very proud to announce that Merry is doing great! (Merry has Lymphoma & had surgery in June to remove a lump attached to her intestine.) In the 2 weeks that lapsed between surgery and the start of chemotherapy another lump had begun to form. Merry had her 1st chemo session on 7/11/02. Her 2nd session was on 7/19/02 and the oncologist was surprised at how quickly the lump reduced in size!!!! :-) She goes for her 3rd treatment today and we’re hoping for even more good news.
Merry is taking ¼ pill prednisone every other day and ¼ pill of cytoxin every 5 days. If anyone is interested in the specific protocol of the chemo please email me directly and I will give you all the stats. I decided to take Merry to an oncologist based on the protocol because my vet did not have L-asparignese (spelling?) and the oncologist did.

Tansy, thank you so much for all of the information you gave me on drugs/treatments. It really helped me make educated decisions on her treatment. I’d also like to thank Mary, Valerie, Linda, Kim F., Dawna, & Ellen for all your support and helping me find info. & putting me in touch with others that have dealt with Lymphoma. Merry sends dooks & ferret kisses!!!! I’d also like to thank Dr. Williams for his responses to my questions. This list has been my lifeline.
Wishing everyone & their business Health & Happiness, Trish ~ Merry, Pippin & Zira

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