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Date: 2002-07-26 19:35:37 UTC
Subject: Cholangiohepatitis
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Now that I can post correctly thanks to other members I will give more details. First thanks to the responses I have received. I did manage to search the archives and found several entries on hepatitis and a couple on Cholangiohepatitis. I do have a histopath report and the results of the analysis of the liver biopsy is CHRONIC MARKED LYMPHOPLASMACYTIC CHOLANGIOHEPATITIS WITH MODERATE TO MARKED PORTAL AND BRIDGING FIBROSIS AND MILD HEPATOCELLULAR VACUOLAR DEGENERATION. The ferret was also diagnosed with insulinoma from pancreatic nodual submitted. Samples were obtained during exploratory surgery which, in addition to the above, yielded foreign matter in the abdomin which was removed and proved to be hair and fiber. I have been attempting to give him milk thistle and alpha lipoic acid. After the recovery from surgery the vet would like to use prednosone and if possible Denosyl. I will inform them that Dr Weiss has been using actigal.

Dave Adams and the bunch