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Date: 2002-07-27 03:17:52 UTC
Subject: malignant adenocarcinoma
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Hello all,

My 3 year old male MF ferret (Kodi) has just had exploratory surgery because of his display of typical adrenal symptoms. His left adrenal was enlarged and removed. The pathology report came back as malignant adenocarcinoma. This is my first experience with a cancerous adrenal tumor. From what I can gather, if a malignant adenocarcinoma is caught early, the prognosis is pretty good, considering the fact that it "spreads" slowly. Everything I have read has supported that, but I do have a few questions: How early is early? Obviously Kodi was advanced enough to be showing the signs: his hair was markedly thinning, but not by any means bald; he showed aggressive tendancies during play; his "grooming" behaviors had become very compulsive. Is there anything I can do to help his chances of remaining cancer free? Are there any medical protocols to follow, or is it just a wait and see kind of thing? Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.