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From: Mohr
Date: 2002-07-27 04:20:25 UTC
Subject: options for insulinoma?
Message-Id: <>

I have a six year old sprite, Xena, who is having trouble. About 6 months
ago she underwent surgery for both adrenal and insulinoma. The pancreas
had what the vet said were a few small tumors, which were
removed. However, only about 3 months after the surgery, her seizures
returned. (She also had an adenocarcinoma but it apparently had not
spread. Her adrenal symptoms have not returned.) She's now on pred,
recently increased from .5 to .7 a day, once a day. I've been reading with
interest the posts about how much pred can be given, and I've been careful
to watch for signs of stomach discomfort. So far, we're good on that front.

My question is -- what other options are there? She still gets wobbly and
glassy-eyed, especially in the evenings before her pred is given, and her
overall energy level is just in the basement. Can I give pred more
often? If so, how often?

Also, I have heard folks mention other medications such as proglycem. Is
this a realistic option? Does it have a good track record? Is it
expensive? What does it do?

Finally, are there any other options? Is a second surgery a realistic
possibility, or is it not likely to help?

I just want to keep her comfortable and happy for as long as possible, but
the way her energy level is right now, I'm not sure what her quality of
life is, realistically speaking. She's always been hyper and never been a
cuddler, and I can see how she wants to get up and go, but her little body
just poops out and she winds up staying in my lap or going back into her
hammie. It's obviously not what she wants to be doing. :-(

-Natasha Mohr