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Date: 2002-07-27 10:57:52 UTC
Subject: Ferret Nutrition - Info Request for Vet School
Message-ID: <23745280.1027767472477.JavaMail.root@scandium>

I am in vet school and am doing a paper on Ferret Nutrition for my animal h=
ealth and management class. I am hoping that the ferret community can help=
me with my research. In return, I will post it once it has been graded (n=
ow there is an incentive to get an "A")! =

Please do not send me information that falls in the following categories as=
I have already started my research and the paper is only 4000 words! =

* FML or FHL archives =

* Ferret books (Ferrets for Dummies, James Fox, Dr. Purcell, Lewington, Que=
senberry & Hillyer) =

* Bob C=92s Diet 101 =

* published alternative diets such as Bob's Chicken Gravy or Duck Soup =

* individual variations to these published alternative diets =

* major ferret food websites (Totally Ferret, Marshalls, Zupreem, etc.) =

* individual ferret preferences =

* personal opinions on manufactured ferret foods or companies

Please do send me information on: =

* BARF diets =

* specialized diets/requirements for pregnant jills & kits =

* regional differences - European and Australian diets =

* other types of alternative diets =

* scientific journal articles =

* health implications of poor diets =

* AND/OR if you are a ferret knowledgeable vet who has some helpful informa=
tion (or some encouraging words....only 3.5 years to go!)

I may not be able to thank you individually at this time (vet school keeps =
you pretty busy) but please know that I sincerely thank you for your assist=
ance. All information I receive will be accurately referenced. =


Thank you! =

Shelby Kimura =