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Date: 2002-07-30 01:26:24 UTC
Subject: RE: Adenocarcinoma malignant, then benign?
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Author wrote:
> My Critter was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma on his Prepuce. Had it
> removed, did a PU procedure, the whole kittenkaboodle. The biopsy came
> back that it was malignant.
> Four months later the tumor was back in the same place, looked the same,
> everything was the same. Off to the vet, had it removed. The biopsy came
> back benign.

It would certainly be malignant - especially if it came back.

these tumors can be a bit tricky, especially to pathologists who aren't very familiar with ferret tissues. Often you get a small pieceof a big tumor, which in other areas of the tumor may look VERY malignant, but you happened to sample a quiescent appearaing section.

Adenocarcinomas of teh sweat glands of the prepuce can be very malignant, and it apears if this one is. Make sure you get evey bit of it out as humanly possible and keep your fingers crossed...

with kindest regards,

Bruce Williams, dVM