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Date: 2002-07-30 06:02:46 UTC
Subject: my ferret is loosing fur! adrenal disease?
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my ferret salty ,he's a sable, has lost fur on most of the front of his neck and is starting to loose fur on his tale and tiny bit by his paws. i dont know of he is sheding it because of the hot climat.its normaly about 30-35c .But he is still very energetic .i have been away for the month to ontario so my brother took care of my ferrets.
MY mother said he did'nt care of them very well of them while i was gone .so i cleaned there cage gave them a bath in cold water (that they really enjoyed). and i noticed he has lost some weight(which i don't know if thats good are bad cause he was really FAT!).a month and a half ago his brother bandit past away from what i think was adrenal disease .i did't know at the time what adrenal disease was and i still think its my fault for not bringing him to the vet. somebody please tell me what to do! salty is only five ! i don't whant him to have the same fate of his brother that could have been prevented if it were'nt for stupid me!!!! its all my fault....