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From: "Sandy Adams"
Date: 2002-07-30 21:24:11 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Stress
To: <>
Message-ID: <006801c268c7$b96cefa0$642b6520@sandy>

That may be true but what about the phenomenon of 29 ferrets in an 18 x 38
foot room with lots of boxes open cages and tunnels behind the couches.. and
you find 8 or more all in one hammock?? and it's not just once in a while..
it's every day.. they also have a favorite box and a bunch will pile in it
too.. now I do have some that are very solitary.. i have a little girl
Idawoosel who crawls six foot up to the top of a cage and has her own
personal carrier secured up there.. and Ezekiel who sleeps in my sons desk
drawer and will valiantly defend his place from all comers.. I think it's
the interaction the ferrets get and how much their minds are challenged by
their environment that contributes to a lot of the health issues we have
with these kids

Sandy & The Adams Family Ferrets
Ferret Waystation & Hospice of Oklahoma

> I think the answer lies in how many separate hiding places there are in
> the cage or room/rooms. Ferrets were solitary animals we have tried to
> alter but they still need dark quiet places to hide/rest in. I would
> think that 5 ferrets in a cage with 5 hiding places was less stressful