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Date: 2002-07-30 23:35:15 UTC
Subject: RE: Bruising? Hickey? What are these marks? Moose
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Hi Amy,

I had an IBD ferret that exhibited bruising. His whole belly was covered in=
dark red blotches. It was easy to see because the fur hadn't grown back fr=
om his surgery a few months prior. I would be very concerned that the IBD c=
ould be causing a clotting disorder. IBD is very serious. It's not just a c=
ase of chronic diarrhea. It has a horrible effect on the organs and immune =
system (just do an internet search and see for yourself), and can result in=
clotting deficiencies. Vitamin K injections helped our little guy temporar=
ily. The bruises went away, but a couple weeks later, even with continued V=
it K injections, he began to bleed from the rectum and there was nothing we=
could do to stop it. Please take your ferret to the vet ASAP for a packed =
cell count and platelet/clotting series. I don't mean to panic you, but bec=
ause our vet wasn't all that concerned "about a ferret that looked that goo=
d having diarrhea", we allowed it to continue for far too long before treat=
ing it. By then, the damage was done and it was too late to get it under co=
ntrol. =

We lost our little BJ at only 4.5 years of age. It was a tragedy that may h=
ave been prevented with earlier intervention. =

Good luck to you and your little one.

Dodie in NJ

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