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From: "Jen & Andre"
Date: 2002-07-31 15:38:01 UTC
Subject: A question for people who know IBD
To: <>
Message-ID: <002e01c238a9$265c8020$3998a68e@ajk>

My ferret Fig probably developed IBD after ECE in February. She wouldn't put
weight back on after the ECE cleared up, had extremely high serum lipase and
had granular stool for a long time after. She went through almost three
months of hind leg paresis, otherwise seeming alert and happy. Aleutians
test was negative. Her muscle tone wasn't too bad, it was down some because
of the weight loss, but it was hard for me and my vet to think that the
paresis was due to loss of muscle mass.

Fig went on pred for a while and I fed her chicken baby food and whipping
cream daily. She suddenly switched one day from no leg use, to walking
(wobbley) and she has never relapsed. She is now her old self again, I'm
happy to say, but still I am dying to know what it was that she went
through. Could malabsorption from IBD lead to electrolyte loss/imbalance
weakening her legs? Could it have been inflamation of the colon causing some
kind of pressure on the spine or gluteal nerves? She was a bit incontinant
during the paresis, leaving poop behind her on the carpet. Or is it more
likely that it was due to some other thing that we could not find? Rads were
normal, bloodwork was otherwise normal... My vet was stumped.