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From: Betty
Date: 2002-07-03 01:13:03 UTC
Subject: Update on Bilateral Adrenalectomy

Our little female is doing well, but not until we put her back on full
pred and pumped her full of fluids for a week. It seemed that she was
turning blue and she had stopped eating and drinking right around the
time we were tapering her pred. Her blood work came back as kidney
failure but she has bounced back since we have returned the pred back to

1 cc every 12 hours. We have stopped the fluids and she has returned to
drinking and eating on her own. She seems to be doing well. We have
decided to keep her on the full pred for 5 weeks and then try and taper
it again. I'll let everyone know how she does then.

betty and her blur o'fur
for the love of ferrets