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Date: 2002-07-03 23:50:13 UTC
Subject: Re: fleas -- here's something for the apartment

***** I orignially posted this on the old site but am reposting it here jus=
t in case during the switch to here it was over looked by Snowy's owner or =
anyone else that may be able to use this info.*****=0D
Since your little one is out and playing, some of the fleas can jump off an=
d get in the carpet and where ever else, which leads to him picking them or=
their babies up later on, either before or after you get the advantage stu=
ff. Here is an idea to help with any stray fleas that may have jumped off =
somewhere in the apartment. Very important though, DO NOT do this while he=
is out of the cage. Only do it at night when it's dark and he's safe in h=
is cage. I found this trick in an old farmer's almanac and it worked great=
for my dog who turned into a walking flea storage. You'll need a bowl, a=
desk lamp or a small light of sorts, a tray or something flat to sit the b=
owl and light on, and some dish liquid (like Dawn or whatever else). Set t=
he tray in whatever room you think the fleas might be inhabiting more, or e=
ven by the base of his cage (that is locked so he can't get out), fill the =
bowl almost to the brim with water and squeeze an ample amount of dish liqu=
id in the water. Position the desk lamp so that the light is either bent o=
ver or shining down into the water. The next morning, you should have a bo=
wl of fleas. They're attracted to the light and when they go to it, they g=
et in the water in which the dish liquid kills them. It never fails. We d=
id this in every room of our house when I was little and literally had hund=
reds, if not thousands of fleas each time (my dog was a huge black lab that=
was outside a lot). By doing this, you can see just how bad the flea infe=
station is or if they've spread to other rooms. Theory would suggest that =
if you do this by his cage, they might jump off of him for a moment out of =
the sake of curiousity and go check out the pretty shining light of destuct=
ion. I know I'm being repetative, but DO NOT do this when he is out. He m=
ay think it's a bowl of drinking water and get very sick instead. You'll h=
ave better results if you do this at night, hence the light being more attr=
active to the fleas. Depending on how bad his case is will determine how m=
any you may ca!=0D
tch. If your bowl is empty, then that room or where ever you put it is saf=
e for now. After my dog's problem was fixed, we'd still do that from time =
to time and only catch like three or so, which meant that the problem was c=
orrecting itself. In any case, good luck! Email me if you have any questi=
Keldah and the dynamic duo, Goku and Kira=0D