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Date: 2002-07-04 03:57:43 UTC
Subject: Growth on foot
Message-ID: <32114213.1025755063895.JavaMail.root@scandium>

Ok, posting this here now. My ferret Obelix, tentativly diagnosed
with Lymphosarcoma, has developed a growth on his foot. I have pic
posted here:

This developed in two days time and has been growing steadily for
a week. Our vet, on sight is not sure of what it is. She is
removing the toe and will test the tissue on friday. I just wanted
to see if anyone has seen something similar. We have been through
many tests with this little guy and everything has been
inconclusive. His symptoms were hind leg weakness and severe
lethargy with occasional stuporous moments. His blood levels
Creatine, With cells, blood protiens and almost everything else has
shown a slight rise over time, but nothing drastic or serious. He
has been on Pred and is showing and is behaving somewhat like a
normal ferret again.

In a way this may shed some light on what has been a mystery. A
second and related question is, are there any problems with balance
and coordination with an amputated toe?