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Date: 2002-07-04 16:52:33 UTC
Subject: Right adrenalectomy with vena cava ligation
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**NOTE: I posted this message on the FML a few days ago. I did get
some responses, but a lot of them were lacking any details of the
recovery, quality of life, etc. involved, and I suspect that several
people actually had right adrenalectomies WITHOUT vena cava
ligation. So, I'm tossing this on the FHL to see what comes back to
me -- my apologies for anyone who's already seen/answered it

If anyone on the list has had a ferret undergo right adrenal
resection with full ligation of the vena cava, I would really
appreciate some input on your experiences with this surgery. I have
a 6 year old boy who has previously had a left adrenal resection,
but is now no longer responding to Lupron, and is suspect of having
a right-sided adenocarcinoma. He is suffering terribly, so itchy he
is tearing himself up, and I am trying to decide if I should attempt
this surgery or let him cross the Bridge.

Thanks in advance.
Tiana (and poor itchy Scooter)