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From: ferretsonly
Date: 2002-01-16 23:46:00 UTC
Subject: Re: split spleen

> I have heard someone years back on the FML (or perhaps before it --
> though I think it was on the FML) who mentioned a ferret with a
> split spleen who also lived through it and no one knew when it had
> happened.

When we did an exploratory surgery on Roxie about 3 years ago, we
found that she had a long-healed split spleen. Nothing could have
accounted for that damage while I had her but she came to me after
being found running loose at a state park. When she was found, she
had a bot fly larvae under her skin and had been raked by a predator
with teeth or talons. She was near death from dehydration and
starvation. She lived with me for a glorious 5 years before she died
from lymphoma one month after the exploratory.