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Date: 2002-01-29 13:31:00 UTC
Subject: rehab for ferrets good subject

This is a really good subject, one we don't think about
discussing, but just as important as meds, etc. Sukie, your
ideas on mental stimulation gave me some ideas for my own
guys. Thanks, I'm going to try some new things for my guys,
all of them, especially my old, old guys. I have two that are
10 years plus and they could use a little mental stimulation
just to make their day more fun. I usually just cuddle them,
but they are still a ferret and in need of excitement and fun.
What would be some good stimulation for a 10 year plus ferret
who can no longer play or move fast? I do know that they
still love to get in to a paper bag and the sounds the bag
makes when scrunched.

Jan, the ferret Mom of many.