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Date: 2002-02-02 16:42:00 UTC
Subject: ADV Positive baby

We Purchased a baby in knoxville,Tennessee two weeks ago.

Her health certificate from Marshall Farms says she was born from
11/25/01 thru 12/01/01

Her ship date was 1/16/02 We purchased her 1/19/02 .
we just got back her ADV results by ELISA and she is POS.


Do you I go forward with vaccinations?

~Take Care, Katie

[ Moderator note: Be sure to REPEAT THE TEST in case it was a false positive. IF it is not false then contact the breeder, the distributor, and the store so that they can try to track down WHERE exposure happened to optimally protect other ferrets. If you have used a version that is not as accurate as other available testing options then do the second test with a more precise version and follow instructions carefully (as I expect that you did, but it's good to remind folks in general since i do recall some folks reporting false test results from insructions not followed to the letter). --SDC]