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Date: 2002-02-02 15:15:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Suggestions needed for Post Surgery Adrenal

Along with using the recycled paper for litter, I also cut down the side of
the litter box for easier access. I closed off the ramp from the second
floor of the cage and moved litterbox, food, water up to the second level so
everything was easier to reach. My boy had a very long incision and alot of
bruising and seemed to be in alot of pain afterwards so I even helped him in
and out of the litterbox if needed. Also I smoothed out the cut edge of the
litterbox and covered it with tape so the rough edges wouldn't scrape the
incision. My vet said he could be let out to play after a few days, but I
kept him confined to the bathroom with me for playtime (until the sutures
were removed) because we have other pets that he chases and I didn't want
him to hurt himself. After the sutures were removed he resumed all normal
activity, even though the rest of his hair continued to fall out, the new
hair started to come back immediately. Best of luck to you.
Susan and Hobo