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Date: 2002-02-02 18:20:00 UTC
Subject: HELP! Biting Ferret

I've posted several times about my Averys' biting. He has been
significantly better. He only nips and usually only when he's
playing. But tonight he really hurt me! He pushed the phone off the
table and when I bent down to pick it up he ran over and grabbed a
hold of my finger. He bit down as hard as he could and hissed at me.
His teeth went all the way into my finger. I couldn't get him to let
go. I scruffed him and he just hung on. So, I had to stick another
finger in his mouth to make his mouth open and then pull my finger
out. I put him up to my face and said no. (I was almost in tears!)
Then I put him in my cage. My finger is now purple and swollen. I
finally got it to stop bleeding. I don't know what to do. To be
honest that scared me a little. He was really mean about it. I've
taken the phone and the remote away from him before and all he's
done is just try to get it away from me again. He's never bitten me
from it. I would love any suggestions and to know if anyone has
experienced this before.
Sara, *Avery, Pebbles, & Bam Bam*

A little one I love is alive today because of organ donation!