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From: miamiferret
Date: 2002-02-03 08:10:00 UTC
Subject: Re: new marshall baby&ADV ??

I believe before everyone starts to panic, it's important to have
your ferrets tested. Go to this page for instructions on how to do

It's a relatively simple, painless test and it's only about $12.
Yes, Kramer would be at risk if in fact the baby is positive. But
we're getting ahead of ourselves here. They need to be tested first,
then take it from there. Hopefully, they'll test negative.


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> I also just got a new baby boy 8 weeks old from marshall farms
> birth date 11-25-01 to 12-01-01 i live in pa, what kind of test are
> done to find out if he has ADV??? is my older male Kramer at risk
> getting this to ????