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From: pupsnow
Date: 2002-02-03 15:32:00 UTC
Subject: ferret food

Hi can you tell me if totally ferret, Eukanuba chicken and rice, and
my one ferret has his mixed with Eukanuba low calorie is this a good
diet? Is ferretone something I should give them and if so do they
like the taste of that if you give it to them on your finger? They
also get moderately honey nut cherrios they love them. Thanks Chrissy
I had a ferret for 10 years I bought her in 1985 and her diet
consisted of Eukanuba cat food they did not have ferret food then
like they do now. I also gave her linatone which she loved. I lost
her to lymphoma. Does anyone know why so many ferrets get cancer?
Also sorry does anyone know how long the longer ferret ever lived?
Thanks for all your help. Chrissy